Drive$mart Wisconsin

"Be the Change that you wish to see in the World." 

    What's in it for me?

Teaching you to save money and becoming a safer driver at the same time is our prime goal at D$W.

We will teach you on how to save from:
  •  10% to 30% on your current fuel costs
  • 20% on vehicle maintenance costs
and how to become a safer more attentive and
engaged driver every time you drive.

This training will provide you a D$W Fuel Insurance incentive as fuel costs fluctuate or increase in the future, you will be protected. You will always pay less for fuel than the general driving public.

this will happen in an friendly and laid- back atmosphere of support, encouragement and camaraderie of fellow Drive$mart Wisconsin members.

How do I join?

Simply fill out and send us the contact form on this page and you are a member.  
You will then receive updates about our upcoming events and may participate as you desire.  
There are no dues, or membership fees.  

Drive$mart Wisconsin does not share, sell, or distribute your personal information in any way to anyone without your approval.  

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to call Bradlee at (262) 691-4349.  
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