Drive$mart Wisconsin

"You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created the problem."

  • Online community dedicated to helping users raise fuel economy and lower emissions in whatever you drive.
  • Guaranteed hybrid battery pack service, maintenance, repair and replacement with NEW cells by a local professional.
  • Local EV expert and mechanic that can assist in the design and conversion of any gas vehicle to a full electric vehicle.

  • Regional organization that promotes Eco-Driving through the use of exterior vehicle magnets and stickers.

  • The Importance of Eco-Friendly Cars submitted from our friend David in New York 


  • Wrench smart and drive smart, a community where performance is based on fuel efficiency.

  • Oldest EcoDriving Project by the European union and Intelligent Energy of Europe

  • Canadian EcoDriving Project of Green Communities of Canada

  • Canadian Auto$mart Project of the Natural Resources of Canada

  • The EcoDrive Portal of the United Nations

  • Energy Efficient Driving from Wikipedia

  • Research site for green vehicles, mileage tips and fuel savings calculations

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