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                Congratulations on becoming a D$W "One In A Million" driver.

Each student has been given an intense 2 hour training in our D$W "Lessons For A Lifetime", the first time that this type of training has been taught anywhere in America and now has the tools to be a $mart and safer driver.

The D$W "Lessons For A Lifetime" training through the MPS Drive program is just the start of your $mart driving skills training. You will need to practice and perfect your $mart driving skills and D$W will be there to encourage and support you.

You've taken the first step in saving money, helping the environment and becoming a safer driver,  now join D$W and look to the future with additional tools...all for FREE.

What is Drive $mart Training?

Drive $mart training is taught by Drive $mart Wisconsin, the free public outreach unit of Drive $mart America, a for profit organization that trains business/governmental groups. For over 12 years, D$W/D$A has trained hundreds of drivers to be safer and more fuel efficient with an average of 18% better mileage by just changing driving habits in their current vehicles.

D$W has taught our "Tools For A Lifetime" training across the United States and worked with the City of Milwaukee, VeoliaWater and the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District and now to thousands of MPS students. This FREE training is quite unique and cannot be found anywhere in North America.

Our "Tools For A Lifetime" training has been developed by fuel efficient world record holding drivers based on over 80 years of testing, US and European governmental training and over 12 years of behind the wheel verification. D$W training is the very best and most intense currently in the world.

What's in it for me?

As an MPS student or an immediate family member, you are eligible for FREE ongoing Drive $mart training through D$W. This FREE training could save you .25-.50 per gallon of gas, potentially lower your insurance costs, lower maintenance costs as you learn to become a safer and more aware driver.

This one of a kind Drive $mart training is the most advanced fuel efficient training in the world and is FREE to you and your immediate family members. Our D$W instructors, and over 900 D$W members around the country, will be available to help train, support, encourage and motivate you as you learn more tools in being "A One In A Million" driver.

You should view this continued D$W training as Fuel Insurance against any and all future fuel increases, all while lowering your maintenance expenses and becoming an even safer driver.  Through joining D$W and saving money you will also be helping lessen the effects of climate change for future generations.
Registration Information

In order for you or your family members to receive additional $mart Skills Training or other D$W activity notices, we need a way to communicate with you. We almost always communicate via email so if you do not want to fill out phone number that's fine, however the attending high school is important. Once we receive your registration, we'll confirm your FREE D$W membership with an email back to you.

We never share, sell or give out your contact information with any third party group.

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