Drive$mart Wisconsin

Driving Skills for a Lifetime...It's a Process, not a Destination.

Drive$mart Wisconsin is the home of:

D$W and the MPS Drive Training:
                For the very first time in the United States, a public school drivers education program has offered a fuel efficient training segment as part of their curriculum. D$W has been asked to update our "Tools For a Lifetime" training to focus specifically on teen drivers as yet to be licensed. This training was also introduced to 3rd party driver instructors who are involved with the drivers ed program.

Tools For a Lifetime Training:
               A unique specialized training program that incorporates 80 years of international and national fuel efficient driver programs and over 12 years of MiHG/D$W hands on training. The curriculum was created by world record holding drivers and focuses on the why fuel efficient driving is important, how driving impacts individuals, families and local/national/world economies and the environment. Training will then give drivers the tools and strategies to mitigate all those costs while promoting safer driving as well.

The Hu Factor Program:  
Every vehicle on the road has the most advanced computer system in it; the human driver.  D$W believes the Hu factor is the key to any gains in safety and fuel efficiency no matter what vehicle you are driving.  All of our training focuses on the Hu factor more than technology because this Hu factor can achieve results above what the vehicle was designed to achieve, every time its driven.  

FUEL INSURANCE Program - Make Every Drop Count:
          The philosophy of making every drop of fuel count is behind everything D$W does.  To go farther with less fuel saves every driver money, reduces our
nation's dependence on oil and reduces emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere.  As every drop of fuel continues to get more expensive, making each drop  count becomes more imperative.  

Pump Your Ride to $avings Program:
          This is an outreach program to the general public performed by D$W members along with interested partners in the community.  This event is held at high-traffic sites and checks tire pressures on vehicles, properly inflates them as needed, and educates drivers about the importance of tire pressures and the "make every drop count" philosophy.  

The STEP Program:

S - to SUPPORT alternatively fueled vehicle owners with training 
T - to TRAIN drivers in safe, fuel efficient adaptive driving techniques
E - to EDUCATE the public about new and upcoming technologies
P - to PROMOTE sustainable transportation solutions

Drive$mart America Program:

D$A is the premier fuel efficient adaptive driving program for small corporate, municipal, and private fleet operators.  The Tools For a Lifetime program focuses primarily on the Hu factor and addresses safety, efficiency, maintenance, and insurance through individualized classroom and behind-the-wheel training with world-class instructors.  Through this training, organizations have achieved as much as a 26% increase in fuel efficiency.

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