Drive $mart Wisconsin


 - "A melting pot of people interested in learning about new vehicle technologies related to using less fossil fuels and learning fuel saving driving techniques'.   Steve R.

 - "Each D$W Meet is a great place for exchange of information on new green vehicles"    Jeff  A.

 - "A great way to get Prius information and driving skills".  Neil R.

 - " I was thinking recently when talking with friends about how wonderful D$W is. The Fons family is truly an asset to Wisconsin. They've influenced me to buy a more efficient vehicle. I always learn something at each D$W Meet. D$W is a gem and doing wonderful things for each year it's been in existence"  Jill K.

 - "I meet Brad at a Auto Show several years ago and ever since then I've been using some of his suggestions on how to get better mileage in my car. His help changed my driving habits ever since."  Jeremy T.

 - "D$W has opened my eyes to the many ways to drive smarter. In 1 Meet, I learned so many things to increase my mileage by several mpg".  Susan B.

 - "I really wanted to thank Bradlee and his Driving in God's Garden webinar. Fantastic job especially on tire pressure. The webinar was well done and tailored to the audience. I wished that 400 people would hear it".  Kathy B.

 - "Thank God for Drive $mart Wisconsin and all they do".  Mark P.

 - "At my first Meet I was driving a 1989 Honda Accord and went out on a test drive with D$W member Wayne. He taught me good. I now drive a 2008 Prius and with D$W help, I got an engine block heater which helps me get 3-4 mpg in winter".  Gary S.

 - The incredible thing about the D$W Meets are that they treat everyone as equals no matter what they drive or how they drive. They teach you simple tips to start and then teach you more when you're ready. Very unassuming and friendly".   Joyce W.

 - " When I bought my Ford Escape Hybrid, I had no idea what a great tool I had to optimize my gas milage. I had just begun to learn how to drive it when I discovered the Milwaukee Hybrid Group, now called drive $mart Wisconsin. As a member, I learned gas conserving tips and I went from getting 38 mpg to over 50 mpg:.  Debbie A.

 - " The people I've met at these Meets are incredible. Friendly and always willing to give you information on getting better mileage. They love to share their stories on how they much better drivers they've become over the years. I love learning things there"  Al G.

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