Drive $mart Wisconsin

D$W: learn it, practice it, excel at it, and pay it forward.


What is a $mart Driver?

A $mart Driver, maintains and drives their vehicle in a safe and fuel efficient manner by using the least amount of fuel at all times
A $mart Driver uses safe and fuel efficient “Tools” each time they drive and becomes part of a sustainable solution and not just part of the environmental problem
A Smart Driver makes a commitment to utilize the earths resources

 $mart Driving is based on the most advanced computer ever designed - the human brain, HU Factor

                                    What is $mart Driving Based On?

Based on proven techniques- Mobil Fuel Economy Runs from 1936 to 1968

                                                       - Shell Marathons from 1939 to current

                                                       - US Dept of Energy DECAT Program from 1976 to 1985

Based on newer techniques:   - European Union Ecodriven Program from 1997 to current

                                                      - Canadian Auto$mart Program from 2005 to 2017

                                                      - Drive $mart Wisconsin from 2006 to current

                                                      - Drive $mart America from 2008 to current    

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