Drive$mart Wisconsin

"Drive Less When You Can... Drive $mart When You Do."

On Saturday July 30th, we had a great gathering with 28 D$W Members in attendance from all over the state and Illinois. For viewing and sharing we had many EV's, PHEV's and HEV's in the parked with a lot of interest in the Tesla's and Volts in particular.

Our main topic during the Meet was on the topic "Are Hybrid's Passe" and there was intense discussion on the validity of that statement and whether we have crossed the bridge to EV/PHEV'S vehicles that hybrid technology has built. Standardization of EV technology, driver-less vehicles, emphasis of climate change and the role of governmental involvement where all discussed as well.

We ended the 48th D$W Meet with a fun session with the idea that if D$W giving every member $30,000 (the average cost of a new vehicle), what vehicle would you select and why. There was an interesting range of selections but the reasons why were the most important and proved that our D$W members understand the legacy that they'll pass on to their families and future generations...sustainability.

One more D$W Meet coming up in 2016 so stay in touch for more information.

As you can see above, Drive$mart Wisconsin members are just average drivers like you that have made a commitment to change their lives by changing their driving habits. By adapting their habits they will save money on fuel and maintenance costs, become safer drivers and become part of the solution to our state and this countries sustainable transportation concerns.

We All Learned to Drive When Gas was Cheap...

Well, gas is not cheap anymore and yet we drive with the same skills we learned when it was. The world has changed and yet we drive as if it hasn't.

So thanks for your interest in safe, fuel efficient driving and alternative fuel technology.  Our 1,700 members are dedicated to promoting, teaching, and sharing safe and fuel efficient driving strategies that can be done with any vehicle, large or small, old or new, hybrid or not.  

We emphasize the Hu factor in everything we do because any vehicle is only as safe or efficient as its driver...the Hu factor. Why wait for the world and others to change when you hold your own future in your hands on your steering wheel right now!

At D$W, our purpose is to educate and train any driver to become safer and more fuel efficient with their current vehicle.  Through our STEP program to SUPPORT, TRAIN, EDUCATE, and PROMOTE; we can increase safety, lower fuel maintenance costs, reduce oil dependency and lower tailpipe emissions.  

We advocate our changing our current driving habits through; 
  • Personal Responsibility vs. Complacency
  • Doing Something vs. Good Intentions
  • Commitment vs. Wishful Thinking
D$W is a not-for-profit organization that charges its members no fees or dues and requires only the desire to learn how to become a safer, more efficient driver.

             JOIN us and learn how to use the fuel of the 21st Century...."FUEL EFFICIENCY", because

"Drive$mart Wisconsin is not a Destination, but a Journey."
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